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    Le Parkour ...

    ...helps to develop physical qualities such as strength, speed, muscular endurance, balance, motor coordination, and improving the cardio-respiratory system while promoting exercise capacity, and potential to meet the demands of everyday life.

    In a group, it works with the spirit of conviviality, of help and trust, values and loyalty, responsibility, discipline and knowledge of oneself - all helping in the formation of personality.

    Classes begin with a warm-up and specific complementary exercises (like working the trigger of the muscles).  Parkour already has a well developed physical training culture of its own. 

    The remainder of the class is structured around various workshops, and the different techniques for overcoming obstacles are discussed and practised under supervision of instructors – always leaving the practitioner their share of work, important for their personal development.

    The class concludes with stretching - crucial for the relaxation and recovery of muscles in order to avoid injuries.

    The courses offered are for all levels - there is no competition or difference of class in Parkour.  Each practitioner evolves in their own way on a course.  The only challenges are against us, and the difference in level between practitioners is an exciting motivation for a beginner facing more experienced practitioners.

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