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I am a sport addicted since very young. My background is diversified, karate, kung-fu, capoeira, gymnastics, but I chose to focus on Parkour which offer me a real possibility of expression and freedom.

I started to do Parkour in 2001 after watching the movie “Yamakasi”, and created the association/group Urban Instinct with some friends. At the beginning a simple mode, it became quickely a real way of living.

Then in 2005 I met Chamroeun Khem who shared with me his knowledge about this discipline. And thereafter I started giving classes and workshops in the association for 5years.
Today I am training in Malaysia, and sharing my experience acquired.

Graduated from a university degree in sport, I am able to train people and conduct classes of Parkour, trying to develop at their maximum the potential of each student.

- Parkour Training and Artistic Development since 2001


TEACHING (since 2005)

FOR:               Workshops – Group classes – Private classes – Sponsored events

IN:                   France – Malaysia

WITH:            PKAIM – Urban Instinct           



FOR:               City Events – Advertising – Media

IN:                   France – Malaysia

WITH:            Caen (city) – La Rochelle (city) – ACS – NewsStraitsTimes – HELP University

News Paper:“ Testing the limits of body and mind” (Kuala Lumpur 2011) - http://www.nst.com.my/local/general/testing-the-limits-of-body-and-mind-1.20768



Short-FILM:La poursuite inutile” (2010)

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